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Garden Workshops

Superior Quality Garden Workshop from Direct Sheds

Quality Manufactured Garden Workshops Made From 20mm T&G

heavy duty timber workshop




Built to a high specification, our Heavy Duty Garden Workshops are amongst the highest quality Garden Buildings you will find for the price, every aspect of our Timber Heavy Duty Garden Workshops are designed with quality and value in mind.
Our superior quality timber Workshops provide the ideal solution for those seeking an indoor workspace in the garden for hobbies, extra living space or storage and at a fantastic price too.


Whichever type of building you opt for, you can be sure of the following features.

- Quality built to order.

- Heavy duty construction.

- Ex 22m. (20mm finished) T&G floor and sides. (To give you an idea of strength, 20mm is as thick a modern domestic floorboard!!)

- 35mmx65mm heavy duty tanalised framing.

- Tanalised/pressure treated Floor and Walls for longer service life and minimal maintenance.

- Ex16mm T&G (12.5mm finished) kiln dried T&G Roof.

- Green Mineral Roof Felt covering for Roof.

- Roof truss/trusses for added roof strength.(so no sagging roof!)

- Generous 1830mm internal eaves height.

- Double doors 1200mm included.

Garden Workshop Added Value Options

- Extra deep widows as per photo available £100 per pair. 

- Upgrade to premium felt available.

- Wide door and single door options available.


All of Direct Sheds products are fully T&G construction (including floor, wall and roof) we do not use sheet or composite materials! 

Garden Workshop Prices

Workshop Prices

35mm x 65mm heavy duty tanalised framing
Super Heavy duty tanalised Garden Workshops, Garden workshop

10x9 £1,330.00   £100.00 Please call to confirm
12x9 £1,599.00   £100.00  
14x9 £1,719.00   £125.00  
16x9 £1,849.00   £125.00  
18x9 £2,099.00   £125.00  
20x9 £2,399.00   £150.00  
10x10 £1,439.00   £100.00  
12x10 £1,640.00   £125.00  
14x10 £1,855.00   £125.00  
16x10 £1,999.00   £125.00  
18x11 £2,269.00   £150.00  
20x10 £2,499.00   £175.00  
10x11 £1,445.00   £100.00  
12x11 £1,999.00   £150.00  
14x11 £2,199.00   £150.00  
16x11 £2,29900   £175.00  
18x11 £2,529.00   £175.00  
20x11 £2,730.00   £200.00  
10x12 £1,735.00   £150.00  
12x12 £2,265.00   £15000  
14x12 £2,299.00   £150.00  
16x12 £2,470.00   £175.00  
18x12 £2,799.00   £175.00  
20x12 £2,940.00   £200.00  
Need a custom quotation? Contact us or call 01405 765400