Selecting a Wooden Garden Shed ?

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A wooden garden shed can be a great addition to your home. Especially if you need additional storage, work or living space.  While there are certainly other materials to choose from, a wood shed is generally cost efficient, decorative and popular solution. What makes a wooden garden shed such a great choice?

Let’s look at some of the reasoning behind choosing a wooden garden shed for your home. Even though the wooden garden shed is movable and can be relocated if its properly looked after and many people contact Sheds Direct to move their heavy duty and super heavy duty sheds when they move home. (We do not move sheds these days we’re too busy making quality heavy duty wooden sheds.)

A Wooden Garden Shed from Sheds Direct

Most people who buy a shed from Sheds Direct had other sheds before? The first house I purchased had a large storage shed, at the bottom of the garden. The shed had not been looked after and we had to renovate the shed with new windows, and wood oil.  Unfortunately the shed did not last long due to its flimsy construction.  Metal sheds are fine, too, but you can run into so many problems with them. Of course, you have to keep your new wood shed maintained as well. Metal sheds are easily dented  and it need maintenance including on the roof. Rust, isn’t something you have to worry about with a wooden shed.


heavy duty dutch barn, sheds direct, heavy duty apex shed, shed direct,My brother on the other hand has a heavy duty apex shed from sheds direct in his garden, and it is nice. It is actually more spacious, more lit up, more aerated and is less scary to venture into if you ask me. It is a great place for him to store his lawn and garden tools. My brother would even do some woodworking and refinishing projects in there. My brother spends hours with his dog in his apex garden shed.


One of the things you want to be on the lookout for is that the wood used to make the shed is pressure treated. (Also referred to as tantalised) This is important when it comes to the durability of the shed. You can imagine why pressure treated wood is good when it comes to lasting durability against the elements.


To me, a wood shed just looks much nicer, too. Maybe I am biased based on my experiences. However, I remember as a kid that a lot of people seemed to have metal or plastic sheds, but that changed as the years passed by. Wood sheds are now, and have been, the definite trend. You have to think about what would look good on your property though.

Make Your Garden Shed Your Shed

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How big is the perfect shed for you?  The beauty of a wooden garden shed is the ability to have your garden shed built with the style and features you want – why not have your next shed custom built by Sheds Direct?


The beauty in buying a custom garden shed from Sheds direct is that you know your shed is being build by craftsmen in England who have built a great reputation for manufacturing quality garden sheds, just look at Sheds Direct on Facebook page, see what customers are saying about what we do, also feel free to visit the sheds direct website for our garden shed testimonials page these are all genuine comments from real customers who have taken time from their busy schedules to comment on their experiences with Sheds Direct


There are really many other things you have to put into consideration when you decide to purchase  your new wooden garden shed. These considerations should be based on what you have in mind.

Ensure you have a great plan and try to make the best decision on what you will have.

Finally, you have to take into consideration some things like how much the shed will impact on to the surrounding where you grow your plants when they are built close to the garden.

If you have a project that involves a new quality built garden shed then you really should talk to Sheds Direct, at Sheds Direct we are passionate about garden sheds and we are always happy to help you out, feel free to call us on 01405 765400Superior heavy duty apex shed, sheds direct, heavy duty apex shed, garden workshop, Superior heavy duty pent shed, pent shed,


When is a Wooden Garden Sheds The Best Choice?