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Wooden Dutch Barn – The King of Garden Sheds

In this article, Sheds Direct will explore 2 questions relating to the Wooden Dutch Barn

  1. Why are the wooden Dutch barns considered the King of garden sheds
  2. What makes a wooden Dutch Barn from Sheds direct different.


Wooden Dutch Barns are The King of Garden Sheds

At Sheds Direct we have always been very proud of our heavy duty Dutch barns. We are selling more and more quality Dutch barns to customers across the UK. Not only do we manufacture them here in Yorkshire, but we deliver and construct these quality Wooden Dutch barns at your home at a time that’s convenient to you. And we love manufacturing, delivering and installing wooden Dutch barns.

So here’s our some of the top reasons why people consider wooden Dutch barns as being the king of garden sheds.


Wooden Dutch Barn’s Beautiful Appearance

A Wooden Dutch barn with its stylish curved roof stands out as an item of quality, and will often superior heavy duty apex shed, sheds direct, heavy duty apex shed, garden workshop, Superior heavy duty pent shed, pent shed, heavy duty pent shed, dutch barn, dutch barns, apex shed, garden workshop, garden building, shed direct, dog kennel, dog run,blend into a well maintained garden.  Versatile in its usage this Dutch Barn can be adapted and used as additional storage, living space and workspace.


Wooden Dutch barns are amongst out most adaptive wooden sheds.  These versatile and beautiful wooden garden sheds are very popular with people wanting to have a good quality sheds that’s a little different and can be used for a variety of purposes,


Here at ShedsDirect.net we manufacture and build these wooden Dutch Barns as Larger Workshops and as Smaller wooden Garden Sheds we feel confident in saying that we can build a heavy duty Dutch barn exactly how you want it, the shed can be built to your specification with the features you want fitted and customised to your needs.


The Wooden Dutch barn comes with strength and agility as standard, tantalised tongue boards the same thickness as an average floorboard is fitted onto a Heavy duty framing, 35 mm x 65 mm

and groove making the wooden Dutch barn from Sheds Direct one of the strongest and best assembled heavy duty sheds on the market today.

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What Makes a Wooden Dutch Barn from Sheds Direct Different

Wooden Dutch Barns from Sheds Direct are skilfully handcrafted in Yorkshire and customised to each customers specific needs and requirements from dimensions to style and the features of your new wooden Dutch Barn.

All Sheds Direct Wooden Dutch barns are manufactured as heavy duty and include as standard the following features :


Wooden Dutch Barn From Sheds Direct Features

– Manufactured and Built to order.

– Heavy duty construction.

– Ex 22m. (20mm finished) T&G floor and sides. (To give you an idea of strength, 20mm is as thick a modern domestic floorboard!!)

– Heavy duty framing, 35 mm x 65 mm.

– Ex16mm (12.5mm finished) T&G roof

– Pressure treated/tanalised floor and walls for long service life.

– Generous height to eaves (1830mm)

– Massive height to ridge (Our Dutch Barns are under 2.5m to ridge height unless optional height increase is chosen).

– Double Doors (1200mm wide) Ledged and Braced

– Roof Truss so no sagging roof!


Who Buys a Wooden Dutch Barn

Garden sheds and wooden Dutch Barns are no longer the domain of the male, many of our female customers purchase garden workshops also to peruse their hobbies. Interests or simply as a place to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

Why not check out the Sheds Direct range of Heavy Duty wooden Dutch Barns, the costs may be less then you thought.

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