Top 10 Garden Shed Facts

We all love spending time in our garden sheds – they are after all great ways to utilise our gardems. Whether you have astandard shed, dutch barn or garden workshop these are ideal places to hang out in. Here’s ten facts, stats and interesting anecdotes about garden sheds.

Garden Shed Fact 1

In 2011 David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame had to pull down his bright yellow garden shed in the back garden of his £3 million seafront mansion or face prosecution. Why? Because a neighbour objected to his modest, yet garish, bicycle store.

Garden Shed Fact 2

25% of men say their garden shed is the only place they can relax and unwind. Is that true for you?

Garden Shed Fact 3

47% of men say they’ve spent a whole day in their garden sheds at a time.

Garden Shed Fact 4

Barrister Peter Smith runs the only media law practice out of his wooden shed in a small highland village called Strathpeffer.

Garden Shed Fact 5

Oliver Hardy, the comedy star, was as good at DIY in real life as he was on screen. When he set about creating some chicken coups with a friend he found they were too big to get out the garden shed door. So, they had to take the coups apart and reconstruct them again outside.

Garden Shed Fact 6

Sheds are good for relationships, its official. Over a third of men feel a garden shed improves their relationship. Their partners agree. 20% of women see a garden shed as a positive influence on their man.

Garden Shed Fact 7

English Heritage says that there are at least 52 grade 2 listed sheds in England and Wales.

Garden Shed Fact 8

There are an estimated 23,000 beach huts in the UK. Bournemouth alone has 1800.

Garden Shed Fact 9

23% of garden shed owners say they’ve slept or thought about sleeping in their shed.

Garden Shed Fact 10

The Zoological Museum, that is now part of London’s Natural History Museum, was begun by Walter Rothschild at the age of seven in a garden shed. So you’ve seen ten great garden shed facts. Surprised? We were.

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Top Ten Garden Shed Facts