Garden Workshop or Garden shed ? – You choose

If you had the choice between a garden workshop or a garden shed which one would you choose and why would you choose it.

The tiny house movement in the USA has been a revelation in the way some people choose to live their lives, whilst the concept of living in a tiny house has not yet gained as much traction here in the UK, yet as home owners many of us are interested in how we can achieve a better lifestyle and value in our homes.

In this article we will look at Shed life, how you can use the affordable alternative to inside living and how you can achieve better quality by having a garden shed or garden workshop.

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Generally here in the UK we use our garden sheds for one of three purposes.

  1. Extra Storage Space
  2. Extra Living Space
  3. Hobbies and Pastimes

If you are considering the need for more indoor / outdoor space in your garden or yard, a garden shed can be both cost-effective and practical, a source that can be relocated and expanded upon if needed.

Using your Shed for Extra Storage Space

Whether you simply need to store your basic garden tools or summer garden furniture over winter, or kids toys when they are not being used then a basic waterproof (and maybe some insulation) shed could be what you are looking for.

Having a sturdy and affordable garden shed may meet your needs; here at Sheds Direct we may recommend the lower cost associated with an Apex or Pent Shed, with the solid build of a heavy-duty frame for both security and peace of mind.

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Using your Shed for Extra Living Space

With so many of us working remotely and having interests outside of work a home office inside a family home is not always an ideal solution, in a modern living environment a Garden office shed may be a smart alternative and still a simple option worth considering.

Some homeowners can be put off by the idea of having a ‘garden shed’ as a home office under the mistaken belief that it may not meet their security and practical needs.

The truth is that the term ‘garden shed’ covers a variety of all-purpose freestanding units, from the very basic to the elaborate. In fact, you may well be surprised to learn just how many different types of garden shed there are available.

Having a comfortable yet practical office with all the security of a solid frame here at Sheds Direct we may recommend the a Garden Workshop as a solution to meet your needs. Workshops can be insulated for warmth and can be constructed with your bespoke needs included.

Why not check out the Sheds Direct range of Heavy Duty Garden workshops, the costs may be less then you though.

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Using your Shed for Extra Hobby or play areas

Hobbies can take up a huge amount of our time and whilst generally relaxing some hobbies can be very stressful and tedious. I know some shed owners how use the garden workshop to house their favourite chair, a fresh tipple and the soothing sounds from the radio.

On the other hand I have some friends who could make some industries blush with the amount of tools and productivity from their hobby rooms.

You might find that your hobby can take up a bit too much of your home too. It usually becomes apparent when others start to complain. Many people turn to the garden shed as an alternative solution. It is a tranquil place that you can convert and use for almost any purpose.

Garden sheds are no longer the domain of the male, many of our female customers purchase garden workshops also to peruse their hobbies.

Why not check out the Sheds Direct range of Heavy Duty Garden workshops, the costs may be less then you though.

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Garden Workshop or Garden Shed what to choose?
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