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Sheds Direct Guide: How To Build A Base For Your Wooden Garden Shed

Before you start to build  your wooden garden shed, you need to build a base. Without a suitable base, the garden shed will deteriorate rapidly from the ground up.  In this article we will discuss how to build a base for your garden shed.

There are a number of steps that you need to take to build a base for your wooden garden shed, it makes no difference if you are creating a base for a Pent Shed, an Apex Shed, Workshop or Dutch Barn as its the dimensions of the base of the shed that are the important factor.


Design The Base

It is vital that you design your base before you start looking at materials. The first step in designing the base is determining what type of base you will have. There are 3 common types of shed bases and they are timber bearers, paving slabs and concrete slabs. Generally Speaking the most robust base would be a solid concrete slab which is the correct size for the shed and completely level.

Using Timber Bearers

If you choose to use timber bearers, you need to be aware that they will raise the building off the base. This will stop direct contact with the ground and encourages the circulation of air. It is recommended that you use bearers which are 3 inches by 2 inches which have been high pressure treated. (tanalised) some people use railway sleepers as they are sturdy, strong, tanalised and will last a long time.

You will lay the bearers directly on the level site that you have chosen. The base created with the timber bearers should be slightly larger than the floor size of the shed.

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Using Paving Slabs

If you are going to be using paving slabs, you need to ensure that they are laid in complete rows across the entire width of the shed. The floor battens of the shed will run from shaped end to shaped end and you need to keep this in mind when laying the paving slabs. If the shed floor comes in 2 pieces, you need to ensure that there is a paving row where the 2 pieces meet.

Before you place the paving slabs, you will need to remove all vegetation from the site and level the area. You should then prepare the ground for the slabs and lay the slabs with one at each end and correctly spaced. You then need to ensure that the slabs are all level before placing the rest of the slabs. As you place the slabs, you need to check that the area remains level.

Using A Concrete Slab

The best base for a wooden shed is a single concrete slab. If the concrete slab is going to be larger than the floor size of the shed, it is recommended that you raise the shed. This is done to stop puddles soaking into the floor of the shed and causing damage.

Before laying the concrete slab, you will need to get the exact size of the shed base. You should then add an inch to the length and width then mark this in the area where the shed will be placed. You should add an extra 6 inches to the outside of the area for the overall size of the dig. You will then have to remove the vegetation and dig to the required depth. The concrete will then need to be poured into the prepared area and levelled.

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How To Build A Base For Your Wooden Garden Shed